Welcome to KANSAS BG, INC!

We are the BG distributor for all of Kansas. Thank you for visiting with us today. Customer service and satisfaction are always our biggest priority. We would appreciate any comments you have concerning our page, our products, or our services to you.

We offer a complete line of exceptional products designed specifically for each application--everything from cars to trucks and lawn mowers to locomotives. We offer transmission fluid exchanges to A/C service and brake fluid exchanges to fuel induction service, and many more BG Services that you can explore at BG AMS for automotive services or BG FMS for fleet services.
We offer ongoing training for service technicians to ensure they all have the proper skills to perform BG Services. We offer a "Tribology 101, Coolants, Fuels and Lubricants" event that teaches all the ins and outs of fuels and a "Diesel School" that is an event specific to diesel fuel. We also offer a special "Service Advisor Training Class" that focuses on making sure customers get the maintenance they need.
We offer the easiest to use, most efficient and most durable machines in the field. With our supportive service and products to help you, vehicles will drive away happy! Contact a Representative today to find out more!